Environmental Health

Environmental Health Services protect the public health by regulating the integrity of Braxton County:

These objectives are accomplished through education, assessments, partnerships, regulation, complaint investigations, and consultation. The Division's resolve is carried out in a professional, courteous and efficient manner.

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An Important Note about Complaint Processing

~ Please read before filing ~

Braxton County Health Department investigates a number of public health complaints related to sanitation in permitted facilities.  We also investigate failing sewage systems, smoking complaints in public establishments, and infestations where rodents or insects of public health concern, are traveling back and forth between establishments or residences. 


Oftentimes, we are asked to investigate issues that are outside of our purview or jurisdiction, or that are more appropriately processed by other authorities prior to our involvement.  Please review the types of cases we cannot assist with, prior to filing:

If you would like to request a public health investigation, please click here. 

Permit(s) & Evaluation(s)

Braxton County Health Department issues permits and inspects food service establishments that provide food to the public.
Examples include restaurants, bars, schools, day cares, temporary food stands, retail establishments, etc.

Braxton County Health Department issues permits, inspects and approves on-site wastewater system installations. Works with sewage treatment plants, home aeration units and septic tank cleaners to insure that the regulations governing them are followed.

Evaluations of water and sewage systems for lending institutions are also conducted. Lending institutions require that a home with an individual sewage disposal system be inspected and approved before the closing of the sale. Homeowners may also request this service.

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