Housing Program

Housing encompasses a wide range of programs. While Child Care Facilities and Mobile Home parks have their own rules and regulations, the other programs such as Bed & Breakfasts, Hotels/Motels, Public and Private Schools, and Public Facilities are governed by the state's General Sanitation Regulation. 

The main purpose of any program in the housing division is to ensure a clean, safe and sanitary environment.All permitted establishments in each program are inspected a minimum of two times a year, except public schools, which are inspected bi-annually. The BCHD permits Child Care Centers, Bed and Breakfasts, Mobile Home Parks, Hotel/Motels, and Public and private Schools.

Application(s) & Form(s)

Bed & Breakfasts, Child Care Centers, Campgrounds, Hotel/Motels, Organized Camps, Schools, Body Piercing Studios, Tattoo Studios, Mass Gatherings/Fairs & Festivals, Parks/Playgrounds, Recreational Water Facilities 

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